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Our business is centred on one principle in our drive to deliver the best.

Competence + Passion

Competence allows us to make the best (but sometimes difficult) decisions in most situations. But competency like financial freedom is a dynamic aberration. It is a continual process of improving ourselves.

Passion makes us jump out of bed (eagerly) to work the right things right and also gives us strength to perservere when the going gets tough and forge ahead in the direction we have decided.

SAASH in the news...
Turnaround for BUGIS CUBE

PE Fund Management and Fund Raising

1. Private equity investments in real assets and real assets back businesses.
2. Hands on portfolio management to maximise returns
3. Angel investment, funds raising and investment match-making
4. Real assets include multi asset class such as retail/commercial, industrial, landed residential, hospitality (serviced apartments and boutique hotels), land, agriculture
5. Current portfolio spans Singapore, USA, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

Business Management, Project Management and Investment Consulting

1. Highly experienced panel with combined 60 years on the ground, hands on track record of know-how and know-who across Southeast Asia and Asia-Pacific tech operators.
2. Specialist in Business Development for new entrants to Asia Pacific markets.
3. Focused areas:
a. Regional expansion feasibility studies, business case modelling, market entry strategy, regulatory overview,

b. Strategic planning and marketing, tactical deployment, operational and project management for telecom, technology, service operators.
c. Applied customer experience (analytics).


Whether it is something good or something not so good, communication and mutual understanding lay the foundations to doing something great together. Drop us a note.
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